(from nofearofpop)

Anjou reunites Labradford's Robert Donne and Mark Nelson. The project is their first collaboration since the release of Labradford’sFixed::Context LP in 2000, and “fieldwork” is a track from their upcoming self-titled debut. Joined by percussionist Steven Hess (Locrian, Fennesz), “fieldwork” sounds less like groupwork and more like a single entity that's shrugged its way out of the dead leaves and ivy; there are no egos fighting for dominance, just a swampman's organs living in delicate synchronicity. “fieldwork” is reminiscent of fellow Kranky artist Tim Hecker’s recent output, as well as the kind of sonic naturalism found in the work of avan-garde ocean explorer Jurgen Muller. Indeed, following Muller, “fieldwork” feels more like a journal entry in some naturalist’s aural notebook than it does a piece of ambient songcraft.

“fieldwork” is a meditative ode to habitat: an ode to thorny thickets and neglected gardens, and to the almost contemplative stillness that is survival for so much life (plant life, mostly) on planet Earth. Arboreal foley work lingers in between the lulling static and Hess’ earthen strikes on a Viking drum. There are delectable (and unpredictable) shifts between resonant fixtures and more bellicose, nerve-wrecking moments, which are evocative of wild – though ultimately not very obvious – shifts in nature. “fieldwork” is an impressive piece of ambient music; Anjou never seem to worry that they might lose their audience to its mesmerizing tranquility, and as such the hints of more frenetic fare are subtle decoration rather than garrulous impositions.

Anjou is out September 15 on Kranky.