2011.Local Heroes

 2L8 - New Battles,Without Honor And Humanity (no more happy music)
BABY GURU – Baby Guru (inner ear)
 DROG_A_TEK – Too Late To Care (inner ear)
GRAVITY SAYS_I – The Figures Of Enormous Gray And The Patterns Of Fraud (restless wind)
HANA - Hana (granny)
HOMETAPING – Red Coffee (undo)
 KID FLICKS - Heart Of Gold (inner ear)
LUUP - Meadow Rituals (experimedia)
MISUSE – April (puzzlemusik)
ROLLA SCAPE - Rolla Scape (undo) 
SERAFIM TSOTSONIS - Beautiful People (klik)

THE BOY - Ηλιοθεραπεια (inner ear)/When You Grow Up You Heart Dies(self release)
 THE CALLAS - Object ( self release)
YOUR HAND IN MINE - The Garden Novels (inner ear)


Absent Without Leave - 'Neath The Tumbling Stars  EP (three:four records)
Acid Baby Jesus - Hospitals (slovenly)
Αγγελος Κυριου - Επελξη (organized music)
Joalz - Case Study (ntrop)
 Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream (forest family)
Mikael Delta - With My Whole Being (doctv.gr)
The Mongrelettes - The Mongrelettes (fuzz overdose)
My Wet Calvin - I Don't Want To Sing These Songs Anymore (just gazing)
Next Time Passions - Brand New Sea (midge eras rc)
Pop Eye - Night Falls (sound of everything)
Sugar Factory - 440 & Explosions (sudden pause)


Zpi said…
Το Haunted της Roosevelt δε χώρεσε στη λίστα;

Καλό Χριστούγεννο Μιχάλη:)
zoundszx said…
2L8 - New Battles,Without Honor And Humanity.σε "αγγαλιαζει"...σtεκεται διπλα σε εν-πλω και metro decay