train in vain

αυτο ειναι live αλμπουμ.*
καταιγιστικο !
16 τραγουδια σε υπεροχες εκτελεσεις.
παιρνεις την καντιλακ και ενα μπουκαλι βοτκα και πας μια βολτα μεχρι το καρυδοχωρι !
θα σε δω εκει....

wiki : When London Calling was released, many fans assumed it was called "Stand by Me",[4] but the meaning of the song's title is obscure because no train is mentioned in the lyric. Mick Jones, who wrote most of it, offered this explanation: "The track was like a train rhythm, and there was, once again, that feeling of being lost."[1]
"Train in Vain" is a love song,[7] with an almost country-and-western lyric that echoes Tammy Wynette’s classic, "Stand by Your Man."[1] The guitar riff, in part, resemble the J.J. Jackson's 1966 UK/American hit single "But It's Alright."
To any fan of Robert Johnson, the song title to "Train in Vain" is an obvious nod to Johnson's "Love in Vain", a frequently covered blues classic, about a man who sees his lady off to the train, who then departs without him.
“ I was drenched in blues and English R&B as a teenager, then I went to black American R&B with my group the 101ers. Mick had heard a lot of that stuff too, and he had this extra dimension of the glam/trash New York Dolls/Stooges scene. ”
—Joe Strummer , [1]
The song has been interpreted by some as a response to "Typical Girls" by The Slits, which mentions girls standing by their men. Writer Mick Jones split up with Slits guitarist Viv Albertine shortly before he wrote the song.[8]

* kai i limited edition einai super...!