Peter Broderick

-Hello, and thank you for visiting. I am currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark, touring with the band Efterklang as their violinist, as well as opening many of the shows as a solo act. My first full-length album, Float, has recently been released on Type Records. Between tours this year I'll be working on a few film score projects, reading lots of books, and taking lots of trips to Sweden. I have brown hair and blue eyes, and I was born in a snow storm in Searsmont, Maine, back on January 20, 1987. I enjoy playing many different kinds of instruments, but I must say the piano is probably my favorite. And that's about all there is to know about me.
(αυτος ειναι ενας χειμωνιατικος δισκος)


Zeugolator said…
Χειμωνιάτικος μέσα στο κατακαλόκαιρο, και όμως τόσο όμορφος.
peter -

your music is a joy. thank you.
please feel free to visit and read at:

all the best and be safe/
peter -

how many records have you made? and, what are they?

thx again/
The Big Gortowski